Digital Directory Boards and Digital Signage Software was designed with simplicity in mind. Easily login to your account to quickly add, remove, and edit tenant details. Our digital signage software makes hotel or office building directory board management a breeze.

Via the Digital Directory Boards cloud server, you can connect to one office directory board, or save time by updating multiple digital signage directories at once.

Change the look of your digital directory display board with an online layout designer. It lets you add your own corporate font and colour scheme too. Display your tenant’s logos for the ultimate in personalised branding.

The electronic directory board software will operate on any Windows OS media player device.  All you need to do is connect each digital directory board to the Internet. And here’s the cool part, you can do it via the building’s data network, WiFi, or through a 4G modem.

How our digital directory boards work and what they can do for you.


Do you have existing screens?  Any LCD panel of any size can be upgraded with our digital directory board software, to create highly useful tenant directory boards with dynamic features.

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Price Packages

1-year Subscription

  • USD $220 / EUR €190
    GBP £165 / AUD $295
  • Includes:
  • 1-year subscription to
  • 1 year online helpdesk support
  • Setup unlimited users

3-year Subscription

  • USD $575 / EUR €495
    GBP £435 / AUD $795
  • Includes:
  • 3-year subscription to
  • 3 years online helpdesk support
  • Setup unlimited users

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Here is what our office building directory board software can do for you

Key Features


Easily edit your signage content 24/7 from anywhere in the world with minimum fuss


Create your own layout so your office building directory signage includes logos and up to date info


Lift the look of your foyer signage with dynamic displays to show the information you want

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Products: Samsung 65" LCD panel

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Location: Sydney

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All the answers to your questions

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Q.How many tenants can you typically display on a directory board page?

A.The most popular tenant directory board screen sizes are 46” - 48”. You are able to list up to 40 tenants on these sized screens. For locations with more than 40 tenants, the digital directory board can be set to rotate across two or more pages.

Q.Can I have my directory board in landscape or portrait?

A.Yes, as long as you use a commercial grade display panel you can rotate the digital directory screen into portrait orientation.

Q.What happens to my directory board if we loose Internet connect?

A.The tenant information is downloaded and stored ‘locally’ on the media player. Therefore the image will display as normal. You just won’t be able to update the directory until the Internet connection is re-established.

Q.What size LCD panel can I use as a directory board?

A.Any size LCD panel can be used as an office building directory screen. The most popular sizes range from 40” - 55”.

Q.Can I update the background image or template myself?

A.Yes, you have complete control over the layout of your digital directory board. You can even upload a background image.

Q.What options do we have if the directory board location doesn’t have Internet available?

A.The simplest solution is to use a 3G USB modem with typical mobile data plans available for less than $20 per month.

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